Essay on Career Research: Health Information Technician

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The role and responsibilities of a Health Information Technician (HIT) also known as a Medical Records Technician include maintaining the medical information system of a healthcare facility in a manner consistent with medical, administrative, ethical, legal, and regulatory requirements. Responsibilities include organizing and coding patient records, recording information on patient records, the gathering of statistical and research data, monitoring information to ensure confidentiality and medical coding for billing purposes. Technicians communicate on a regular basis with physicians and other healthcare professionals to obtain information and clarify diagnosis. This is one of the only fields in the healthcare system that you will not have…show more content…
At the end of your schooling, students then go on to an externship, so that they can receive hands on training in a medical facility. A person that is interested in becoming a Health Information Technician is encouraged to take math, biology and computer classes in high school to prepare them for this career. Many colleges offer the two year program online. DeVry University, Rasmussen College, Northwestern College, University of Illinois and Cincinnati are some of the schools that offer the accreditation for the two year course online. Some useful qualities to be successful in this career include: dependability, willingness to learn, self motivation, competence, enthusiasm, responsibility, discretion and team player. Your dependability is crucial for a company to run smoothly, dependability can be just coming to work on time, but more importantly completing your task on time and accurately. Since you will be inputting patients’ information into a computer system for record keeping purposes, it is of the utmost importance to make sure information is keyed in accurately. This information is used by doctors, other health care facilities and for insurance purposes, so it is important that all information is correct, so that business can run smoothly. It is also important that the information is correct, because someone’s life may one day depend on the accuracy of the information. In any job enthusiasm is rather important, if you do not enjoy your job, you do not work
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