Career Research Paper - Elementary Teacher

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While growing up and observing my teachers at school, I have learned that it isn’t always an easy job. Teachers do everything they can to teach their students’ academic, social and other formative skills. Plenty of my teachers have to deal with complications, most of them being minor, but it isn’t always an easy job helping children, teens and young adults. As a student myself, I know they can be stubborn, unwilling to learn, aggressive, and irresponsible. Sometimes, they simply don’t care. However, that is a teacher's purpose: to help and shape their students to become better learners, so that they have a clearer understanding regarding a variety of subject matters. Someday, I actually want to become an elementary art teacher, which is…show more content…
An elementary educator also needs to have a wide personality. By “wide” I mean they should be prepared to multitask, learn not to get distracted easily and really know how to connect with children. Teaching a child is not easy, so they need to demonstrate self-control, concern, independency, tolerance, and flexibility. A good teacher is known as a teacher who is willing to help others and learn how to cooperate. Before getting a teaching degree, the individual will need to take regular high school classes, such as math, science, English, and psychology, have two years of a foreign language and should consider participating in a teacher’s aide program. Then one must continue onto a four year college to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. The placement for an elementary teacher is quite high and it shouldn't be that difficult to find a job. Also, to increase the chances of getting a job and to increase your salary, a person should also get a Master’s Degree. It is not required but it looks better and often helps the employability of a future education. All the time people ask, “Oh, why do you want to be a teacher, they don’t make that much money?” However, teachers make decent pay. On average, a teacher will make $53,000 per year. In the state of Wisconsin and Minnesota, teachers make the average salary and have the
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