Career Research : Quality Engineer

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Career Research: Quality Engineer/ Auditor
In every industry there has always been a need for precision and quality, and from that need there has risen a profession to make sure that the high standards of precision and quality are efficiently met. This profession requires advanced schooling, a specific skill set and the mindset of anything worth doing, is worth doing right. It is a challenging profession, but those who follow through will reap the benefits. This profession is called auditing and those undertaking it, auditors.
Auditing and quality management really picked up in the United States after World War 2, and has a complicated history. The auditing history has always changed throughout history (“History of Auditing”). Auditing changed so much because it had to meet the needs of the business environments of that day. Auditing has been around since the beginning of time, starting out as just a system to catch fraud. As the business world and the United States grew, auditing took up more roles in the environment to keep up with the changing times. In between the 1800’s and the 1900’s people started to be more involved in the investment world and so there was a massive amount of the population investing money into large corporations. When the Stock Market crash of 1929 hit, it made auditors realize that their hand in society was actually very important. All of the different scandals and crashes of this time allowed auditors to see the deficiencies in the auditing…
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