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Career Spectrum Scavenger Hunt

Part 1

Find, and list, at least 10 different careers from various sectors in the health care industry. Describe the role of each career and explain what makes that profession different from the others. You can include, but are not limited to, factors such as education and experience requirements, services rendered or products offered, licensure, pay, involvement with other health care sectors, and type of work duties.

Career | Description | Differences | Optometrist | A doctor in charge of assessing a person’s vision and eye health. | Optometrists prescribe glasses and contacts for patients who need corrective lenses, and they provide treatment options for
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| Anesthesia must be administered at just the right amount or it may cause significant damage to a patient. That is why these professionals get paid more than anyone else on this top 50 health care jobs list. Annual salary, hourly wage: $232,830 a year, $111.94 an hour. Master of Science in Medicine, Master of Science in Anesthesiology, Doctor of Medicine | Nurse Anesthetist | Assist anesthesiologists in administering pain and numbing medications to patients during operations. A certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA) must go through extensive schooling to understand the risks and uses for common anesthesia in the medical field. | CRNAs work with doctors, surgeons, dentists, and other nursing staff members to keep patients safe as they go under anesthesia. Annual salary, hourly wage: $154,390 a year, $71.23 an hour. Suggested education: Master of Science in Nursing | Medical Equipment Preparer | Medical equipment preparers install, sterilize, clean, and set up medical equipment for patients to use. These workers usually travel to a patient’s home to set up oxygen machines, overnight respirators, guard rails, and more. | Medical Equipment Preparer may work in hospitals, but most of them find employment with medical equipment companies. They must be familiar with how this equipment operates, and they must know the safety concerns surrounding each of the devices they are responsible for. Annual salary,

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