Career Strategies for Success

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Hotel managers’ career strategies for success
Christos Akrivos
Department of Tourism Management, Greek Open University, and Department of Business Administration, Athens Technological Institution, Athens, Greece

Career strategies for success


Adele Ladkin
ICTHR, School of Services Management, Bournemouth University, Poole, UK, and

Panayiotis Reklitis
Department of Business Administration, Patras Technological Institution, Patras, Greece
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to explore career strategies used by Greek hotel managers in order to advance their careers successfully.
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The present research integrates the previous studies, including the prevailing theories in general on leadership characteristics. Importantly, the above research findings are tested in Greece, which is a major employer. In order to achieve its aims, the paper is organized in the following way. First, a discussion of career success and career strategies in relation to chief executive officers (CEOs) is presented as a background to the present research, as there are parallels in the roles and responsibilities between these occupations. Career success and strategies specific to hotel managers are then outlined. The research methodology for the research is explained, followed by a presentation on the results of the survey. Results are provided in the areas of career strategies used by the hotel managers, and conclusions outlining the relevance of the findings for industry are discussed. Career success and strategies of CEOs Because of the perceived and actual importune of a CEO’s job, there is a wealth of research that has explored career success and career strategies that can help to achieve success for CEOs. At the individual level career success is related to acquisition of wealth and power along with personal satisfaction (Gattiker and Larwood, 1990, 1988, Judge et al., 1995; Poole et al., 1993). The knowledge of what someone has
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