Career Strategy Outline

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Smeal MBA Career Management and Corporate Relations Team

9th Edition
May, 2010

Developing a Personal Career Strategy (PCS)

Companies no longer hire people out of high school or college and provide them with career security for the rest of their life. In some ways, career management has become an independent enterprise, something of a sole proprietorship, or as a recent book reflected in its title, “You Incorporated”. This trend is a clear indication that you must take full responsibility for your life-long career success and satisfaction. Thus, as with any successful business, individual career management should follow the same process that successful organizations use in
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Essentially, you are looking to map relationships between particular aspects of who you are with aspects of your various work options. Thus, you begin making basic decisions about how your unique characteristics “fit” with particular functional roles (Finance, Marketing, Consulting, etc.), within certain industries, and within certain types of organizations. This is based on your unique interests, values, strengths, characteristics, needs, desires, and potential for adding value. Stage 3 incorporates the basic functional, industry, and organizational decisions of Stage 2 into a long-term career strategy and implementation plan. Based on your career strategy and implementation plan, Stage 4 is focused on turning the plan into action. Career implementation is fundamentally a marketing and sales campaign where, unlike any other marketing initiative, the product is you.

As we proceed, your first task is to determine at which stage you are in the process. This will allow you to put your time and energy into those exercises that are most relevant to your unique developmental needs. Ultimately, our goal is for you to complete Stage 3 and have a written strategy and plan that maps the next steps of your professional and career development. While at Smeal, this plan will enable you to strategically focus your time and energy on activities that will advance your career development, while also providing you with a significant
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