Career Theories Based Off Information

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Career Theories Based off information received in the interview, it appears that artistic (A) would likely be his strongest area in the Holland code. He enjoys activities that allow him to be creative. This is true in work and in leisure. He currently enjoys the creativity in his work, and enjoyed it as a cook, as well. Plus, he enjoys painting and music. His artistic side was a theme throughout the interview. While the artistic side is clear, I would also theorize that he could fall under investigative (I) and (C) He enjoys taking things apart and putting them back together again (I) and he is good with tedious tasks and technology (C). Potentially, he could be an AIC. Furthermore, I would theorize that his MBTI preference could be an INTJ. He does enjoy his friends and co-workers, but I believe he is more introverted. He certainly has a creative spirit, enjoys working alone, and is good at analyzing technical problems using his logic. He excels in creative and intellectual challenges. In addition, he enjoys projects that increase his knowledge (something he feels he’s lacking at his current job). According to Super’s theory (2014) the interviewee would likely be considered to be at the maintenance stage, but he is not feeling completely satisfied with his work. He has been there for 9 years, and he does not have potential for growth. He has been exploring other ideas, but some of his other life roles influence his choices. For example, he knows he can afford his home…
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