Career Within The Sports Management Field

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After throughly researching careers within the Sports Management field, I believe I would be interested in working as a Director of Player Personnel. The Director of Player Personnel is a management position within a sports organization whose main job is to support the athletes on the team (Berner). This specific position is extremely significant for all athletic teams in amateur, college, and professional leagues. Getting a job within the sports field is highly competitive, but their are more opportunities now than ever before. I have always wanted to work within sports because of my passion for fitness and athletics. My major was first Fitness and Health Promotions before I transferred to the University of Alabama, but I decided to change my major to public relations so I could work within the business aspect of sports. Working in a fast paced environment with a great deal of interaction between various other positions is the perfect career for me and public relations is exactly that. Public relations is defined as a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics (PRSA). After researching various sports related careers, the description for a Director of Player Personnel instantly grabbed my attention. It is a more specific public relations career involving direct contact with the team’s athletes as week as working with the team’s office management and coaches to ensure the individual players are
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