Career Working With A Developed Focus On Governance, Risk Management, And Compliance ( Grc )

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Professional Summary
Experienced professional with a developed focus on Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC). Successfully served in multiple roles of escalating responsibility and expertise during a 20+ year career working directly with Information Security Systems Technologies. For example; administration, support, engineering, architecture, analyst, and management teams. A hybrid acumen and heightened ability to identify, analyze, understand, communicate, and execute, while balancing technical complexities with business requirements. Strives to infuse added-value and is extremely accomplished in achieving both short-term objectives & long-term company goals through relationship building and strategic planning. A critical thinking, hands-on, Technologist with detailed knowledge of related business intricacies.

A solid goal and task oriented professional. Hybrid acumen with the ability to understand, communicates, and manage business requirements and IT Policy Governance. Functional Risk Management, identification of threats, exposures, with the know-how to address them through real solutions. Can operate in any selected domain of Management interest and I am highly capable of strategic planning with respect to closing escalating open issues with success and realized process improvements. Effective mapping of the social scope of Management, the identities, and objectives of stakeholders, while designing the basis upon which solutions may be evaluated and…
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