Career as a Travel Agent

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A Career as a Travel Agent Contents page 1. Introduction 1.1 Definition & Description 1.2 Aims 2. Discussion 2.1 History 2.2 Qualification/ Skills/ Requirements 2.3 Salary 2.4 Prospects 3. Conclusion 4. Recommendations Bibliography 1. Introduction 1.1 definition and description A Travel consultant is a person that arranges travel packages on behave of other people witch can include, flights, insurance, accommodation, tours and transfers. Most travel consultants usually have experienced many holidays domestically or internationally. Therefore being able to over information on what are good places to stay, what are the best tours, favourite places to eat and good places for shopping. Most travel…show more content…
American society of travel ages is the biggest travel agency in the world they started an American steamship and tourism agent association in 1931 that then took people all over seas it has been one of the primary watch dogs ever since. 2.2qualifications To become a travel agent the following qualifications are a must - completion of secondary school - classes in travel planning, these are offered by large travel agents, i.e.; flight centre or vocational school - a degree In travel and tourism from tafe or online -Some travel agents would prefer if you have completed courses in computer -science, foreign langue’s and geography world history 2.2 salary Like most jobs travel agents sit on a salary. The amount you get a year depends on yo0ur qualifications, where you work and what your position is. Travel agents sit on starting $36.000 to average salary at $40.000 and to $50.000 for senior. The travel agents work about 38 hours a week. In recent surveys it shows that there are more females that work in travel agency than males. 2.3 prospects Being a travel agent is good there are quite a few places you can work, i.e.; flight centre or student flights and many more. You could even open your own travel agency up yourself. Being a travel you can get the opportunity to travel all around the world, to guide and inform customers on what are good
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