Career in Dentistry

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A Career in Dentistry Children are often sweet and adorable, but many times they may be eating too many sweets. According to the Channel Four News, it has been shown that the number one disease in children is the recurrence of caries, also known as cavities. Could it be too many sweets or could it be the lack of flossing and brushing teeth? For instance, many children go to bed or wake up without brushing their teeth and go throughout the day eating all sorts of food and candy. The result of eating and not brushing could lead to plaque build up and decaying of teeth. This leaves a child extremely unhappy and in excruciating pain. So who is going to fix this pain? Who is going to help prevent decay in millions of people's mouths? …show more content…
Leonardo Da Vinci dissected a human skull and then drew what he had discovered. He was the first person to distinguish between molars and premolars. Not until the twentieth century did dentistry divide into specific specialties. These specialties each accomplish a specific job. Some specialists who are widely known are orthodontists, oral surgeons, periodontist, pedodontists, presthodontists, oral pathologists, endodontists, public health dentists, and dental service directors. Giving a brief description of each, orthodontists correct irregularitie in the development of teeth and jaws by applying braces or special headgear. Oral surgeons normally perform difficult tooth extractions, remove tumors from the gums or jaws, and set jaw fractures. Periodontists treat diseased gums and other tissues that support the teeth. Pedodonists specialize in children's dental problems. A prosthodontist specializes in making artificial teeth or dentures to precise specification and measurement. An oral pathologist examines and diagnoses tumors and lesions of the mouth. An endodontist treats diseased inner tooth structures, such as the nerve, pulp, and root canal. Public health dentists deal with treatment and education of the public to the importance of dental health and care through public health agencies. Dental service directors are in charge of dental programs in hospitals. These administrators help set policies and procedures, and establish
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