CareerMom: Self-Help Balancing Career and Motherhood Essay

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CareerMom is a practical book for working mothers, a self-help book for balancing career and motherhood. The concept of this book was developed from my personal experience and that of other career moms. My story of the concept goes;
One day before my maternity leave, I thought of how I was going to cope with the forth coming baby and also able to manage my family & career effectively. I consulted with my sister and some other mothers who are all managing both their career and motherhood. With my mom’s inspiration and suggestion (a professor with over 30 years of career and still managing her home), she advised I should put it in writing to encourage other career moms like me. She only wished I had written it earlier and so many can benefit …show more content…

This attitude has changed dramatically. We now have an explosion of information via television, internet and print media. Much of this information is sensational and, it can sometimes be frightening.
The presentation and content of this book is sensational and will make career moms feel more comfortable and confident about their career choice. If career moms are to continue to be involved in the decisions about their livelihood, they need balanced and accurate information. I hope Career Mom will provide career moms with the knowledge necessary to ask questions and make informed decisions.
Learning to make this informed decision requires certain way of looking at the career and motherhood, a shifting perspective. It takes effort and constant practice, for it may not normally come naturally. Certain basic skills are required, and once these skills are mastered, it can be applied easily.
The most important of these skills, and every career mom’s crucial foundation, is the ability to master your emotion of situation and applying patience. An emotional response to a situation is the single greatest barrier to successful motherhood and career, a mistake that can cost you a lot more than temporary satisfaction you might gain by suppressing your

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