Careers And Leadership At Ch2m Hill : Adapting Structure And Culture

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Careers and Leadership at CH2M HILL: Adapting Structure and Culture An organization’s culture and structure play a significant role in its adaptability and perceptions by employees. The case of CH2M HILL provides a business example of this issue. While the company’s historical employee-focused culture and decentralized structure gave rise to its success (Newman, 2013), this same culture and structure eventually hindered its ability to retain and develop leaders for the future. The following analysis of CH2M HILL provides insight into how the company’s problems arose and offers potential solutions senior leaders may use to remedy the situation. Overview of the Case In 2010, senior leadership at the large engineering and consulting firm CH2M HILL asked Jan Walstrom to “reinvent employee career development at CH2M HILL” (Newman, 2013, p. 110). Even though Walstrom’s background was not in Human Resources, she used her experience in project management to approach the problem systematically. The two primary areas of concern were high turnover, especially among new hires, and a lack of qualified internal candidates for top leadership positions in the company (Newman, 2013). By 2012, Walstrom had directed the company in creating a company vision and strategy, as well as employee development and management training programs (Newman, 2013). However, the turnover and leadership problems persisted. Going into 2013, Walstrom was faced with determining the next step in

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