Careers In Nursing By Betty Smith : The Career Of Nursing

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I am writing about the career of nursing and I am going to explain how nursing is a diverse multidimensional profession. According to the article “Opportunities in Nursing” by Betty Smith “Nursing in general is concerned with the care of people’s psychological, social, and physiological well being”. There are various types of nurses such as registered nurses, nurse anesthetist, psychiatric nurses, nurse practitioners and many more. The article “Careers in nursing” by Linda Burnes illustrates “careers in nursing include staff nurses who work in hospitals and health care systems. The vast majority of nurses ( 76 percent) work in hospitals and clinical settings, where they are responsible for direct patient care”. In the hospitals and…show more content…
They usually operate and monitor medical equipment used in patient treatment while performing diagnostic testing and analyzing results”. Becoming a registered nurse is satisfying because you are helping others in their greatest time of need.
As any other profession, the pay and benefits in nursing increases depending on the degree and experience you’ve had. The article “Nursing” by Diana V. Cantu estates “ Nurses make a median annual wage of $67,490 according to the BLS. Nursing is a career that will always be in need of nurses. The BLS projects that , from 2014 to 2024, nursing will grow an outstanding sixteen percent compared to most other careers that grow an average of seven percent”. Nursing is a broad career that allows different professional nurses to perform their skills in the area of specialty.
Technology plays a big role in the field of nursing. In the article “Nursing” author Diana V. Cantu interviewed Stephen Ankiel, a registered nurse who’s been in the area for over five years. One of the questions she asked him was “ what kind of technology do you use in your everyday job?” Ankiel answered “ I use computers, electronic medical records software, general medical equipment, ventilators, and medical dispensing systems just to name a few”. Technology is an important factor of society and the grand majority of careers. This tool has helped improve the modern world because It
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