Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Industry Essay

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Careers in Lodging and Food and Beverage Industries
Andre L. Conyers
Professor Darrin Stern
HTM 100

There are numerous opportunities for management careers within the lodging and food and beverages industry such as, the Front Office Manager, Hotel Manager, Food and Beverage Manager, and the General Manager. The Front Office Manager is responsible for overseeing all front office operations to insure profitability, control costs and quality standards ensuring total guest satisfaction. This position is a very highly visible leadership position that has learned and mastered the company standards and also ensures that the guest satisfaction survey results are above brand and customer's relations and recovery are strong and immediate. Also
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They are also in charge of purchasing, or overseeing the purchasing with the chef and sommelier, all the ingredients necessary to create the menu items and all the wine and spirits the hotel serves. As the director of the hotel's food and beverage program, this position generally requires hiring of new employees, terminating employees when needed, and overseeing the training program to ensure the staff in the dining room and those serving room service are following the hotel's style of service. Although most hotels employ a general and assistant manager of the dining room and room services division, as the director you may be called upon to smooth out situations when a hotel guest or guest of the restaurant is unsatisfied with the level of service or the food. However, the director also may receive guest compliments of the food or service of an employee. As the director, it's essential to keep up the morale of the food and beverage team, including, servers, busboys, hostesses and room service attendants. One way of doing this is by letting the employees know when a job has been done well. There are specific city and state regulations the food and beverage director must be aware of concerning health codes and rules that specifically pertain to a place where food and beverage is served. The director has to be aware of these regulations and implement the
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