Careful, He Might Hear You

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Careful He Might Hear You, by Sumner Locke Elliot, is a complicated novel, revolving around the story of a six year old boy named PS and his search for personal identity amidst the conflicts of his closest relatives. The narration of these conflicts, as well as the history behind their origins, forms the basis of the novel, and while the different types of relationships between the characters are not the main focus of the novel, the author links them with each of the characters’ sense of identity and their personal desires. Careful He Might Hear You is a book about people finding their true identities, and the truth or imbalance of the relationships that result from this. Through comparison and contrast, Sumner Locke Elliot…show more content…
She never accepted Logan for who he was and blinded herself to the truth of Logan as a person, never seeing him, in the end, as much more than "the bakers boy". Vanessa was not in love with Logan as he was but Logan as he could be; sensitive, understanding man aware of her inner turmoils, and she fails to realise that her inner conflicts- and the outward appearance of them- are affecting her relationship with Logan. The personal uncertainty she has of herself deprives her of the sincerity needed to make their relationship work, and the scruples that she has been taught lead her to except those same scruples in other people. Vanessa’s relationship with Logan ultimately dissolved because she is unable to accept him for who he really is. This failure of acceptance becomes a characteristic trait in all the relationships Vanessa has with other people in the future. Acceptance is a vital part of any relationship and where it is important to inspire and encourage the other’s good points, Vanessa did not. Her motivation was one of conformity and dominance- excepting Logan (and later PS) to be what she wanted them to be- and expecting them to satisfy her own needs without really knowing what they actually were. Perhaps with PS, Vanessa thought she would succeed where she had
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