Caregiver Model

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Caregivers of individuals with schizophrenia are indispensable in the treatment and care plan of the patients [1]. Caregivers provide support to their relatives/friends with schizophrenia in spite of various difficulties such as physical, mental and financial problems [2]. The caregivers of mentally ill persons are entitled for the assessment of their need in the caregiving process but it is not a common practice [3]. Most of the patients with schizophrenia stay with their families in India (4). Since there is no formal research on the assessment of caregiver needs in India, the exact magnitude of the problem faced by them is not known. But different opinions prevail. The needs of caregivers are higher in the care of patients with inpatient care when compared to the outpatients. Multiple needs are there for the caregivers of patients with schizophrenia. Caregivers require support to take care of the patients from various domains like the education regarding the condition, social support groups and benefits from the state (5). Meeting the needs of the caregivers is important because it would decrease the burden on the caregivers and would increase the care and level of functioning in the patient.…show more content…
In the Indian setup, most persons with schizophrenia stay with their families and the relatives become the primary caregivers for them. Since socio cultural factors play an important role in the care giving practices, similar studies done in different parts of the world may not be relevant to the Indian sub-continent. In this study, we used a qualitative approach rather than a scale based approach to assess the needs of the caregivers since it gives various advantages like the caregivers can come up with their own needs rather than selecting from a list and it more sensitive and can tap the emotional components
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