Caregiver Stress Essay

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In the U.S, one in four will be aged 60 years and older by 2050 (U.S. Census Bureau). This represents an overwhelming number of people who will either be in the caretaker role or be the ROC. Like today, most of the care will be provided by informal unpaid caregivers. The number of informal unpaid caregivers is expected to rise from 20 million in 2000 to 37 million in 2050 (Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation [ASPE], 2003). Because of the burden of care giving, many caregivers will experience depression, poor health and quality of life (Etters, Goodall, & Harrison, 2008). Their well-being is an important public health concern. Caregiver burden, also called stress, distress or strain, is a multidimensional …show more content…
The items have content validity and take into account the impact on personal health, finances, social life and interpersonal relationships (Ankri et al., 2005). The items are scored and summed to arrive at an overall burden score. Critics have argued that one summated score cannot adequately represent the multidimensional caregiver experience (Ankri et al.). Others have countered that most factor analysis studies on the ZBI have found only two viable factors. Both types were highly correlated with each other and, hence, may measure one underlying construct (Bachner et al., 2007).
Researchers have identified several types of caregiver burden with somewhat inconsistent results (Knight et al., 2000). The inconsistencies are due to differences in the factor analysis procedures and the labels used to describe the latent factors. In addition, the last item of the ZBI, a summative question, was often not included in the analyses because of its large correlations with many items (Knight et al.; Lai, 2007). Four studies, three of which used the 12-item ZBI (Bedard et al., 2001; O’Rourke et al., 2003; Hebert et al., 2000) and one of which used the full version (Whitlatch et al., 1991), found two latent factors: personal strain and role strain. Personal strain has been defined as “how personally stressful the experience is” and role strain has been defined as “stress due
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