Caregiving And The Issues Surrounding Care

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Caregiving and the issues surrounding care giving for the elderly have been well researched in the fields of family sociology and gerontology. However, most of these accounts are based on the role which children play in taking care of their parents. However, little has been said about the role of grandchildren as a resource for ailing grandparents. The role grandparents play in raising grandchildren is also well researched but the reverse has not been studied significantly. According to Barusch’s thesis “caring for the frail elderly; family support, services and care management’ the role of grandchildren as caregivers for grandparents is not entirely clear. The thesis claims that although grandchildren are willing to give care to ill grandparents, they are more likely to receive aid than give it. Moreover, the thesis claims that grandchildren might be more demanding than resourceful. This paper will show that in the event of great need grandchildren may prove to be important caregivers. It is universal that children take care of their parents in one way or another when they reach old age; it is also universal that spouses take care of each other in old age. However, it seems that caregiving for the elderly beyond the role of children depends on cultural contexts. In collectivist cultures of Asia for instance, grandchildren and other extended family contribute heavily in taking care of the elderly. In individualistic cultures of the West, caregiving roles are limited to the

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