Caregiving Of A Family Member With Dementia

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Background This case rooted from the lack of resources available that discussed the positive aspects of caregiving. This study investigated the positive aspects of caregiving of bereaved caregivers who provided care to a family member with dementia. This study is also due to prior research suggestion that when death is preceded by a chronic illness, disability, and high levels of caregiving strain, a sense of relief that the care recipient’s suffering has ended can counterbalance adverse bereavement effects in terms of depression (Schulz et al., 2003, as stated in Boerner et al., 2004 p. 670). To understand both the positive and negative aspects of the bereavement process, an understanding of the caregiving role has to be recognized. There have been existing studies on the positive aspects of caregiving that used gratification, satisfaction, personal gains or benefits, and uplifts and enjoyment as operational definitions. With regard to the various stressors of caregiving, the overall caregiving experience involves multiple facets of positive gains caregivers’ experience. The purpose of this longitudinal study is due to the gap in literature that does not connect positive aspects of caregiving to bereavement outcomes. This study investigates the link in terms of depression and grief among older adults who took care of family members with dementia. This study is an extension to prior research and for this reason researchers used pre-and post loss data obtained during the
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