Caregroup Case Study Essay

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1. The most significant problem was CareGroup suffered internet collapse in November 2002 and caused every software that required network unable to function. The main factor of this problem was the huge data transfers in short period of time and monopolized all networks resources and caused other users unable to connect to the service (the same idea of DDos attack). There were three underlying causes of this internet collapse. First of all, algorithms for computing alternative data paths were unable to function correctly. Due to the evolved of network, the network components were mostly rely on the service of major switch which meant that they lost the capability to find the new paths if they lost the services. Second, CareGroup IT did not use network traffic control system to efficiently distribute the resource. Although the data center was able to process 40 terabytes of data per day, it did not mean the system was good at handling extreme events. The last underlying cause is CareGroup IT did not frequently check the status of the router. The case referenced that CareGroup IT and the Cisco SWAT team found out the firmware in the old router was broken due to permanently written into the microchips.
Another problem was that 300 clinical
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There two important learning from this outage that I think Halamka should also remember. The first lesson is to set up a Network Traffic Control system. The whole event is due to the overloading service that causes the internet collapse. Even the operate all the implementation list in Exhibit 9, when the serve suffer DDos attack, the CareGroup IT will have the same problem. The network traffic control can prevent the server distributed all the resource to a particular computer and cause other users do not have the resources. Moreover, the system can manipulate the flows depending on specific of time. For example, if most of patients come to hospital at morning, the data flows in the morning should larger than other time
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