Careless Talk Costs Lives Analysis

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careless talk costs lives. Created by Cyril Kenneth Bird also known as Fougasse. This was his eighth poster for the careless talk campaign. Cyril Kenneth Bird created a series of posters, many comical, showing Hitler listening in on unsuspecting gossipers. He created lots of posters for Ministry of Information.
When the government decided to intern large numbers of Germans and Austrians the British belief of them being spies was strengthened. It appeared that secret agents could be anywhere. Not only was the civilians worried so was the government. The government was also worried by the possible presence of a Fifth Column (people working or spying for the enemy.) because of this, the department responsible for propaganda, the Ministry of Information, began a campaign called 'Careless Talk
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This campaign was to stop people from gossiping and letting useful information get into the hands of the enemy. In a war, not only military secrets are of potential use to an enemy. Mr. Hitler wants to know. He wants to know the unit’s name, where it’s going to go, whence it came, ships guns and shells makes this man crazy. But silence makes him furious. This author has contributed to several British newspapers and magazines; this poster is one of the pictures that he gave. The author of this poster is trying to get his audience to keep mum which means keep quiet. If they talk about secrets or anything, it could be of use to the enemy sympathizers, since they are at war against Germany (Hitler and his Nazi party and soldiers) and cause lots of civilian lives. His audience is the people of Britain. He wants them to keep their information under their hat. This picture was to remind British citizens of the importance of not leaking secrets even accidentally. Because they didn’t want their enemy to hear anything they made this campaign run all the way till the end of the war between
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