Caremark Pharmacy: Service Development for a Healthcare Facility

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Product/Service Development for a Health Care Facility Table of Contents Abstract 3 CVS/ Caremark Introduction 3 Current Technology being used 3 M-health 3 Medic mobile 4 Telemedicine 4 Impact on cost 5 Impact on quality 5 Economical concerns 5 Social and ethical concerns 5 Conclusion 6 Bibliography 6 Abstract This paper focuses on the use of modern technology in the health care service. M-health service has been recommended for the CVS/ Caremark pharmacy company to improve their customer service. This would help them to cut costs and access people in remote areas. This would help CVS / Caremark Company to go global and increase their network. CVS/ Caremark Introduction CVS / Caremark isa Pharmacy Company that has been working since 1963. Both CVS and Caremark were working separately but they recently turned towards this merger which has been proved successful. Their aim is to reinvent pharmacy to improve health care service and to promote easy accessibility to patients. Another reason for this merger has been to cut down costs and increase revenues.The company's main objective is customer service as they want to focus on integrity and caring. They have extended their network to reach more number of customers with almost 7300 stores across U.S (Anonymous, 2013). A few years later they were only expanding their business physically and were ignoring the modern technology that is being introduced in this field of medicine and pharmacy. They

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