Cargill, Inc. ( Ic )

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Cargill, Inc is a privately owned American multinational corporation that has over 150,000 employees in at least 67 countries worldwide. Cargill has been in operation for over 150 years and its headquarters are based in Minnesota. The foundation of Cargill’s business was based on agricultural and farm based commodities, however over the years, Cargill has evolved into a full service provider of agricultural commodities, processed foodstuffs, textile commodities, energy, finance and industry services. The size and scope of Cargill’s multi-faceted enterprise, in addition to industry leading innovation and leadership practices, make Cargill a prime candidate for studying leadership best practices. The diverse yet synchronous nature of Cargill’s businesses, in addition to the wide disparity of locations in which Cargill operates, makes Cargill a legitimate comparison to the vast public enterprise of the United States Intelligence Community (IC). Due to Cargill’s long history in the grain trade they developed a sophisticated global corporate intelligence organization that was lauded by Robert Bergland, former secretary of agriculture, when he stated "they (Cargill) probably have the best crop-marketing intelligence available anywhere, and that includes the CIA." In some ways, the executive leadership of Cargill, Inc. operate like Office of the Director of National Intelligence. Cargill also differs from the IC on several accounts, however, its panoptic execution of best

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