Caribbean Culture Is Affected By Migration

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Caribbean culture is affected greatly by migration. The foundation of Caribbean culture was based on the forced migration of African people, indentured east-Indian workers, the migration and colonization’s of European powers like the Spanish, British, and French. The history of each island is individually different but they all share the foundation of a syncretism for development each nation’s culture. Over time how individuals would migrate from country to country has changed a lot, especially in the last one hundred years. . In modern times people have a tendency to move from one Caribbean country to another Caribbean country and from a Caribbean country to places in North America and Europe.
Within the last one hundred years, migration in the Caribbean is seen as a way of self improvement. Caribbean people would migrate to a place in hopes to gain financially. Often the person that moved would become a benefactor for his/her loved ones by sending money and resources to their families in their homeland. The migration dynamic in the Caribbean is highly circumstantial, there would be less migration if there was enough resources and wealth distribution in ones native country.
My Grandmother was born on island of Trinidad and Tobago, she moved to the United States Leaving her five children behind. She worked as a twenty four hour home health aide for the elderly and lived well under her means so she could save money to send for her children. After being the United
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