Caribbean Integration

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Caribbean Integration

Rationale for Integration.
The Caribbean remains fragmented both economically and politically as a result of competition and conflict among the European powers. Fragmentation is in part the product of a long history as separate colonies of a metropolitan power or powers. It is also in part the psychological effects on people of separation by sea.

The case for regional integration is both simple and irrefutable. First we are small and we need to achieve economies of scale. We need to achieve such economies in markets, production, the mobilisation of regional capital for regional use, university education, science and technology, sea and air transport to mention some areas.

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West Indies cricket
 competition for international loans and tourists
 isolation from centuries of colonialism
 all the territories are sovereign states
 lack of commitment from regional leaders and a "go it alone" attitude of some Caribbean governments
 limited knowledge\understanding of integration

Psychological Dependence on the outside world
In spite of our achievements in many fields of endeavour, we still have a strong sense of psychological dependence on things external particularly North American, Europe, and some of the bigger countries of Latin America. We still (as good ex-colonials) see big countries in the hemisphere and in Europe as being some sense better (intrinsincally and not just economically) than out individual countries and the other West Indian countries and we sometimes carry this perception into the field of international relations.

Organisations that Enhance Caribbean Integration. o The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) o Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) o University of the West Indies (UWI) o Caribbean Tourism Organisation (CTO) o Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) o Caribbean Conference of Churches (CCC) o West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) o Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)

In 1958 Great Britain
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