Essay about Caribbean Integration

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CARIBBEAN POLITICS and SOCIETY Caribbean Integration Rationale for Integration. The Caribbean remains fragmented both economically and politically as a result of competition and conflict among the European powers. Fragmentation is in part the product of a long history as separate colonies of a metropolitan power or powers. It is also in part the psychological effects on people of separation by sea. The case for regional integration is both simple and irrefutable. First we are small and we need to achieve economies of scale. We need to achieve such economies in markets, production, the mobilisation of regional capital for regional use, university education, science and technology, sea and air transport to mention some areas. We…show more content…
Exchanges of skills and technology, and a division of labour among Caribbean states in the production of various commodities and specialised services, could increase economic efficiency and the quality, range and value of what the region produces, both for local consumption and for export”. Factors Encouraging Integration.      a common history (slavery, exploitation, colonialism, etc.)      similar political institutions and ideology (Westminster)      similar social , economic and
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