Caribbean Playwrights

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Caribbean playwrights Final Essay exam Essay During this semester we have been studying Caribbean playwrights. In one way or another, these playwrights relate. Issues like poverty, economic problems, racism, gender discrimination, rituals and others are common problems seen in the playwrights. In each one of them we can see how the characters during the drama try to solve their situation and sometimes without thinking about the consequences. Even if the drama is different there is always found a black character that in one point or another passes a tragic situation. I decided to compare three plays, which are: An Echo on the Bone by Dennis Scott, Jean and Dinah by Hall Tony, Rhome Spencer and Susan Sandyford and Smile Orange by Trevor…show more content…
Now the men and them has been very kind to me. (Jean laugh shout loudly, mocking her). And for your better information, if you want to know, in only the little striptease I uses to do in the clubs. In my heyday I did like my exotic dancing, a little limbo here, fire-eating and so. But you know, as I make child and thing, I get this little belly so I did with that. (pause) So, if you know what good for you, you better shout your damn blasted watery mouth. (Jean stares at her). As there is a God above, (Dinah makes the sign of the cross and kisses it) I never make a fares yet. (Hall, Spencer and Sandiford.2.47) They fought a lot for this reason and usually the responses of Jean are like this one. JEAN: Listen to me, Dinah. You could be a waiter, that is your business. The road I walk had nothing. It didn’t have no money, no food. I didn’t have no mother. I didn’t have no father. All ever wanted in my life was money and that is the only way I know to do it. And that is how I going down. You hear me? SO for me is plenty money and waitress work don’t do that. You hear? It just don’t do it. (Hall, Spencer and Sandiford.2.89). The third play, Smile Orange, is in a hotel. The manager of the hotel is a half white men married to a white women. The protagonist, Ringo, id a waitress but the important thing about him is that is a trickster. In the movie seen in the classroom we saw how Ringo jumped in the pool and it seemed like if he was saving a white
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