Caribbean Popular Culture : Music, Fashion, And Dance

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Isiah Lauti
Caribbean Culture and Identities
Dr. Anne M. Galvin
December 5, 2017
Caribbean Popular Culture: Music, Fashion, and Dance Music, Dance, and Fashion are three major factors that play a vast role in the Caribbean popular culture. Popular culture in theory, is based on the taste of ordinary people rather than and educated elite. Popular culture has such a broad range of cultural backgrounds that has influenced both the younger and older generations. The purpose of this study is not only to discuss popular culture but to discuss the importance and history behind music, fashion, and dance in the Caribbean Popular Culture. Giving more of a general-historical understanding to explain the significance behind the Caribbean culture as to why they expressed themselves through music, fashion, and dancing. However, the Caribbean culture has influenced many people all over the world due to their very distinctive traditional views. Unfortunately, there is still a large amount of people who are not aware of what the Caribbean culture has to offer when it comes to music, fashion, and dance that has impacted society from then until now. Caribbean culture is recognized for amazing music. In fact, music has played a huge role in the Caribbean, providing islanders with a meaningful art form to be expressive and passionate about music. Music was a method of escape and entertainment for the Caribbean culture. One of the most popular genre associated with the Caribbean is Reggae.
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