Caribbean Reef Octopuss

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The Caribbean reef octopus belong to the Molluscs phylum. All octopus are smart, however this species of octopus is the smartest of them all. Their size, depending on the region where they live, can be up to 100 cm, or about 3 feet. They live in the Atlantic Ocean, Bahamas, and the Caribbean. Their habitat consists of seagrass and coral reefs. They eat crab, shrimp, lobster, and a variety of small fish. They look like a parachute when they catch their prey. They have many unique features. One unique feature is the ability to change color. They can change color very quickly to blend in and escape from predators. Some predators are; eel, stingray, and small shark. When the octopus feel threatened, they release ink, hoping to confuse the
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