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Although the Caribbean can boast that in its short history as independent states, women have been able to break the glass ceiling and rise to the highest levels, including the office of the Prime Minister, and despite laws which protect the rights of women, inequality between men and women remains widespread and deep rooted in many cultural practices and traditions. Like other women in developing countries, Caribbean women face though choices every day,- choices where cultural tradition often conflict with their human rights.
Women who chose to have children have been made to live with that often repeated phrase that the problems of the world are caused by poor women having too many babies. This of course is simply a diversion from
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There is no fundamental contradiction between placing blame on poor women’s fertility for the world’s problem. Mazur states that, “Betsy is insinuating that everyone working on issues such as population and the environment are misogynistic and want to bring back the idea of ‘population control.. I am committed to environmental sustainability, reproductive health and rights, and to the eradication of the division between rich and poor, men and women. I strongly believe that by reducing population growth- women should have the right and power to make their own decision about childbearing…” [3]
There is a new project about the environment and the population, with its main objectives to reduce slowing population growth without coercion or infringing on their Human Rights by means of recognizing the need for reproductive health services for women so that they are able to make their own decision. However; this is not a new idea, some outreach programs provides voluntary contraceptives for poor women, who are still being blamed for the environmental problems, and demand reduction in birth rate in developing countries. It should be highlighted that the Optimum Population Trust, prides itself on “non-coercive policies to control and maintain the growth of the population…empowering women to maintain their fertility”. According to Mazur’s, the OPT states, “All future environmental problems, and especially those arising from climate change, would be easier to address with a
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