Carillion Clinic

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Khushbu Shah Dr. West Administrative Issues Case 1: Carilion Clinic February 25, 2015 Khushbu Shah Dr. West Administrative Issues Case 1: Carilion Clinic February 25, 2015 Case 1: Carilion Clinic Author: Alexandra Piriz and Kurt Darr Summary The Carilion Clinic has grown significantly in just over a decade, which is shown by organization’s net operating revenue of over $1.2 billion. Under the leadership of new CEO, Edward Murphy, M.D., the efforts of a mid-Atlantic acute-care hospital system to develop a vertically integrated clinic health system result in allegations of antitrust, excessive healthcare costs, disruption of physician referral patterns, and use of harsh collection practices, all of which cause a…show more content…
Facts/Factors * Carilion Clinic’s mission is to provide the best possible outcome for every patient by working together to practice, teach, and discover better ways to heal. * The Roanoke community was established in 1852 and early economic development of Roanoke resulted from its importance as the junction point for the Shenandoah Valley railroad and the Norfolk and Western Virginia. * Carilion Clinic employ almost 13% of Roanoke’s total population, which includes 12 different facilities within 20 miles of the city’s center. Also, employs over 500 physicians in a multispecialty group practice that is active in 10 non-for-profit hospitals within a 150 mile radius and the system admits over 1 million patients annually. * Carilion Health System has become Carilion Clinic in 1998 and led by Dr. Edward Murphy. Also, a vertically integrated system of 10 hospitals that includes graduate and undergraduate medical education programs, a group practice of over 500 physicians, and other ventures. * The organization has net operating revenue of over $1.2 billion, with assets of $1.1 billion. Dr. Murphy’s compensation totaled almost $2.3 million in 2007. * Carilion Clinic has not always enjoyed a positive relationship with its
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