Carin : A Short Story : Carmin's Story

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Carmin, age 14. Carmin was a sweet girl. She had short black curly hair. Carmin didn’t style her hair because it was too short. Her skin was a pale white. Carmin always wore black dresses which her mother didn’t like. Despite her appearance she had a big heart and her smile was the brightest thing ever. You wouldn't ever think she would do something so bad, right? If you didn’t know her story you would think she’s pure and innocent. No… but this wasn’t true, it wasn’t true at all.
November 16th, 1942, was the day Carmin was sent to an asylum for the bad thing she did. This asylum was in the middle of a crowded forest. It had mold growing on every wall on the outside. When you go inside you hear screams of agony echoing through the wide halls of the asylum. Carmin was immediately sent to go change into an old hospital gown. She had no idea where she was but she didn’t ask questions. The nuns stripped her from head to toe, washed her aggressively with burning hot water, then threw her hospital gown. The nuns rushed her to her cell. In this cell there was a thin bed with one thin sheep blanket. The only light there was a light bulb hanging from the ceiling. The cell was smelled like a rotting body. Camrin sat on the bed singing to entertain herself.
“You have a lovely voice,” said a voice from the other side of the the wall.
“Who’s that?” Carmin jumped when the voice spoke “O-oh i'm Ben,” Ben introduce himself, “i'm right across from your cell”
Camrin walked to the
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