Carina Alternate Ending

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Carina, wobbling as she sat, obviously intoxicated, glanced around at her friends with bleary eyes. “I have a secret about Ulrich, too,” she said, while waving her finger in the air vaguely. “I taught him how to use his tongue on a woman and he is excellent at it!” The room fell dead quiet for a moment, until finally, Gawain pitched over onto his back and cackled with hysterics. “That’s great!” said the drunk knight from his supine position on the floor. “Can you teach me? That would be quite the lesson.” He and Carina both roared with laughter until she said, “Word has it the great Sir Gawain needs no help in that area. Your prowess is almost legendary.” Perceval and Joan joined in then collapsed in laughter, too. Until carina began to cry. Joan drew Carina into a close hug, and…show more content…
He couldn’t hold back if he tried. Joan reached down and touched herself as he thrust, moaning and calling out to Perceval with excitement. “Go harder,” she instructed. He complied, moving his hands up to her shoulders, gripping them, he rammed in and out of her harder than he ever had, but worried he might hurt her. Yet as he felt her orgasm grip him and Joan screamed out his name as she’d never done before, he figured it couldn’t be so bad. With a few more deep thrusts, he found his own release. Joan pulled away and flopped down onto her back. Perceval glanced down and noticed bruises darkening her hips and shoulder, bruises shaped like his fingers. He ran touched the marks and shame welled up within him. “I’ve hurt you,” he said with concern. He’d often worried about this because he was so much larger than his wife and she excited him like nothing and no one ever had. What had he done? “Where?” she asked. Perceval pointed out the marks, and Joan chuckled. “Please, you probably have permanent scars on your back from my finger nails. This is
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