Caring As A Central Concept Within Nursing

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Caring as a central concept within nursing has led to the development of several caring theories, one of them formulated in 1970’s by Jean Watson “The theory of human caring” evolving through time in three major elements, the ten caritas process that emerged from her original work of carative factors in 2008, transpersonal caring, and caring moment. Her published book in 1985, “Nursing: Human Science and Human Care, A Theory of Nursing,” places theoretical ideas of ethic, caring and healing, serves as a guide for professional practice and lead to improve patient care and system outcomes. The goal of nursing care with Watson’s theory centered on helping the patient gained a higher degree of harmony within the mind, body, and soul. The word “Caritas” is Latin. It means to cherish, appreciate, and give special or loving attention with charity, compassion, and generosity of spirit. “Caritas is very fine and precious, and must be actively cultivated to be sustained.” (Watson, 2014a, p. 21). The 10 Caritas processes give expression to the phenomenon of caring, the theory and practice in human caring, which sometimes nurses rarely see nor appreciate its significance due to busy practice demands. Watson’s caritas processes include values that are important in nurse-patient relationship in conjunction to skills required in nursing such as problem solving and the provision of physical care. Human care theory utilizes a humanistic approach and can be useful

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