Caring Behavior

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Nursing is acknowledged as being the art and science of caring. Watson has continued to advocate that nursing is the philosophy and science of caring and that caring brings meaning, dignity and altruism to nursing and patient care (Watson 2008). According to Leininger (1988), ‘caring is the dominant intellectual, theoretical, heuristic, and central practice focus of nursing and no other profession is so totally concerned with caring behaviors, than nursing. Nurses caring behavior have been defined as acts, conduct and mannerisms enacted by professional nurses that convey concern, safety and attention to patients (Greenhalgh et al. 1998). Caring behaviors of nurses contributes to the patient’s satisfaction, well-being and subsequently to the…show more content…
2006). Spiritual intelligence is defined as “the human capacity to ask ultimate questions about the meaning of life andto simultaneously experience the seamless connectionbetween each of us and the world in which we live” (Wolman, 2001, p.84).Furthermore, MacLaren (2004) addressed that nurses’ ownspirituality is equally important for nurses providing spiritual care to patients, since it can become the unspoken element which underpins and may improve quality of care. Asnurses consider their role in the movement toward complementary modalities and integrative care, it is also useful forthem to examine their own spiritual intelligence. Nurses who practice holistic care are spokespersons forhuman spirituality, a key aspect of holistic care (Oswald, 2004). The holistic nature of caring involved in nursingcomprises body-mind-spirit.
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