Caring : Caring And Nursing

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Caring Reflection
Nurses have the reputation of being caring. They run to your bedside when you call and are there to support you through your visit. Ideally, their purpose is to nurse us back to health. Nurses should focus on their ability to care for patients, as it enables a strong professional nurse and patient relationship, but they should also know their limits.
Caring and Nursing Definition of Care. When I think of caring, I think of showing concern or compassion for someone. Caring is extremely important, and why I believe this is care often eases people’s worries. In The Art of Nursing, it talks about a bewildered mother who’s baby is in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit connected to tubes and surrounded by monitors, but when the
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81). The Art of Nursing states, “an engaged and sustained relationship between patient and nurse is the ideal context for caring, since within this relationship the nurse has ample opportunities to get to know the patient and her needs.” (Cooper, 2001. p. 81-82). Though, the care for patients is not dependable on relationships (Cooper, 2001). Caring can also take the form of frequency of caring encounters. Not all nurses have caring encounters with patients, some rarely ever, but as a nurse you are encouraged to look for opportunities to seize caring encounters with your patients (Cooper, 2001). Demonstration of Care. Nurses have many ways they are able to demonstrate care. The tone of your voice, pace, rhythm and intonation, will impact your message and the patient is able to feel comfortable with you (Kozier, 2014, p. 428). An important way to demonstrate a nurse cares is by using open-ended questions. This invites the patient to elaborate on their thoughts and feelings (Kozier, 2014). Offering yourself is also a method used to demonstrate care, such as offering to sit with the patient until they feel all right, or until their family arrives, without making demands or conditions they must apply to. (Kozier, 2014) This will often make them feel comfortable. Active listening and demonstrating an interest convey an attitude of caring,
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