Caring For a Patient with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) Essay

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Introduction Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) is characterized by the presence of one or more major depressive episodes (MDE) without a history of manic, mixed, or hypomanic episodes. Episodes of substance induced mood disorder and mood disorder due to a general medical condition do not count toward a diagnosis of MDD nor do episodes that may be better accounted for by schizoaffective disorder, delusional disorder, or psychotic disorder not otherwise specified. A MDE is defined by a period of at least two weeks during which an individual either experiences a depressed mood or loss of interest or pleasure in nearly all activities. Additionally, a diagnosis of a MDE must involve at least four symptoms derived from a list which includes: …show more content…
Competent nursing care is critical to the success of treatment for the individual who is diagnosed with MDD. Nursing care involves the application of interventions spanning the biologic, social, and psychological domains of wellness (Boyd, 2012). The aim of this analysis is to explore the familial, behavioral, cognitive, and developmental factors associated with development and exacerbation of this illness as well as to clarify the role of the registered nurse in caring for a patient who has been diagnosed with MDD.
Patient Background The patient is a 52 year old African American Male with a nearly four decade history of MDD and substance abuse and dependence. The patient was voluntarily admitted to the hospital following an emergency room admission at a different hospital resulting from the patient being found unconscious in a snow bank by city police. The most recent hospital admission was accompanied by the patient experiencing feelings of hopelessness and suicidal ideation. The patient reported abstaining from prescribed medications for over a week and relapsing on alcohol and cocaine following eviction from his apartment and separation from his girlfriend of several months. Medications that the patient is currently taking include Lexapro and mirtazapine for relief from symptoms of MDD as well as a variety of prescription and over-the-counter medications for control of high blood pressure, gastroesophageal reflux disease, and bronchoconstriction. The

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