Caring Hospice Business Plan

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Caring Hospice Business Plan Bonita Lewis Central Methodist University COMPANY SUMMARY/CATCHY-SELLS Caring Hospice is a new hospice company in its start-up stages. It will offer compassionate and caring end of life care for terminally ill patients and their families in southeast Missouri. The company name “Caring Hospice” is catchy and easily remembered by consumers. The name indicates that this company will care for dying loved ones. MARKET ANALYSIS Caring Hospice will be located in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. This is the southeastern region of the state. It is comprised of poor communities where residents often are forced to travel as far as fifty miles or more for adequate health care. Market research shows there is a…show more content…
Keeping staff continually involved in policy changes will improve worker satisfaction, which is directly related to patient satisfaction (Ward & Gordon, 2006). RELEVANCE TO NURSING Caring Hospice is a company that will provide nursing care to patients that are terminally ill. The ultimate goal is to insure the patient is kept as comfortable as possible while maintaining dignity during the dying process. This company will send registered nurses to the patient’s home for routine physical assessments, medication teaching and administration, education about terminal diseases and the dying process. The nursing staff will also create and maintain appropriate plans of care for the multi-disciplinary team to provide holistic care to the patient. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE AND DIVISION OF RESPONSIBILITIES Caring Hospice will be made up of an inter-disciplinary team that collaborate together to provide holistic, competent, and compassionate care for terminally ill patients and their families. The team will consist of the Medical Director, Patient Care Coordinator, Registered Nurse, Bereavement Coordinator, Social Worker, Chaplain, Certified Nurse Assistant, and Office Manager. Each team member will play a vital role in creating an effective care giving system. The Medical Director is the hospice contracted Physician. The role of the
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