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In reviewing the article Thanks to Jesse by Pamela Davies, the author clearly demonstrates the concept of caring as it applies to the nursing profession. Caring is defined as “a relationship that transcends all other human relationships, and reflects the fact that we share a greater purpose than just serving ourselves in a material universe” (Hawthorne & Yurkovich, 2005). The article clearly shows how a caring relationship between the child, Jesse, and the author, Pamela Davies, is integral factor in the healing process for Jesse. It gives the reader an understanding of how Roach’s C ‘Compassion’ and Watson’s Carative Factor ‘Developing and sustaining a helping-trusting, authentic caring relationship’ are an important aspect of the …show more content…
In order to give him the feeling that he had some control over what was going on she was able to negotiate the time of his bed bath as well as letting him decide when would be best to do his deep breathing exercises. This shows compassion, as she was willing to adapt her schedule and the nursing plan to what was most comfortable for the patient instead of what may have been easiest for her. Jesse was feeling apprehensive and fearful about his hospital experience, by letting him have some control over what was being done to his body Davies let Jesse know that she respected that it was his body, and that he should be able to have some say in what was happening to him. Jean Watson also developed a theory on the science of caring in which she indicates that there are 10 carative factors that are the basis of the science of caring as a nurse. Watson feels that ``the development of a helping-trust relationship between the nurse and patient is crucial for transpersonal caring`` (Neil &Tomey, 2006). Her fourth carative factor includes ``developing and sustaining a helping-trusting, authentic caring relationship``(Jackson, 2011)
`` Later, as we listened to the child in the next bed howling in distress, he started to talk about how scared he was that he would need an operation. He could see that all the others around him had had operations, and they were really hurting big time. I said I didn't think

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