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Caring Attributes in Nursing Kristen M. Brandner University of Alaska Anchorage Caring Attributes in Nursing My mother was my caretaker after I had knee surgery. She showed me how compassionate caring can be huge in helping me recover quickly and safely. Caring has many attributes, but two that I experienced were compassion and trust. Caring is the foundation of Nursing. It is what the profession is built upon and the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) School of Nursing (SON) encompasses caring attributes within their curriculum. There are many other aspects and qualities that classify a “good” nurse. Being knowledgeable, communicative, attentive, non-judgmental, compassionate, nurturing, and paying attention to detail,…show more content…
Caring is central to the nursing profession, as it a way to earn a patient/clients trust and respect. What makes a good nurse stand out from a great nurse, is adding on to the attributes associated with caring and taking that extra step to ensure a patient is comfortable and does not feel judged while they are receiving care. It is the little things. Strengthening the relationship between patient/clients and the nurse/caregiver is shown through actions displaying concern and devotion. This ensures that the nurse/caregiver gains trust by the patient/client and family. Patients/clients who may be especially vulnerable, can be wary of the competency and caring demeanor of a caregiver. Compassion is another valuable attribute of caring. Compassion is the sense of concern for others and their less than desirable situations. According to Perry (2009), compassion is the attention to minute details, generally exhibited in a face-to-face interaction with a patient/client (p. 18) and should be implemented when providing patient care and interventions. Attentiveness goes a long ways to enhance the well-being and quality of care provided to a patient/client. This in turn, establishes trust amongst a nurse/caregiver and a patient/client. In this case, between my mother and myself, trust was strengthened even more by the compassion she
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