Caring With Poor Pain Management And Barriers Towards Proper Care

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This paper focuses on a situation involving a patient with poor pain management and barriers towards proper care as well as the resolutions to an ethical dilemma in which a nurse experiences a conflict regarding a cognitively impaired patient. Question of elder abuse also became involved in regards to decisions made by family members along with the patients activated health care proxy. The areas of focus include a review of the literature, a five part analysis of the clinical dilemma, a description of the ethical principals involved, and the potential effects of current policies as well as possible strategies necessary in the future. While researching this ethical dilemma, seven journals, three websites, and one textbook were utilized. The outcomes of this case study were undoubtedly beneficial to both the nurse and the patient in order to provide effective quality care as every healthcare member should.

Question of Elderly Abuse: An Ethical Dilemma Nurses have a professional responsibility when it involves any situation that could potentially involve the abuse of a patient or concerns that the patient may be unsafe. As part of nursing practice, the American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics states that a nurse’s primary obligation is to the patients. Nurses have a moral obligation to uphold loyalty and ensure that we are reliable and meet the needs of our patients. Abiding by these professional codes and maintaining…
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