Caring for An Angina Patient Essays

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Nurses play a very important role in managing a patient from the moment of his admission up to making a discharge plan. Each part of the nursing process is vital to the wellbeing of the person he is taking care of. Clinical reasoning is always essential in each part of the nursing process from assessment, setting up goals and intervention. Effective nursing management is done when a nurse looks for the early and right cues at the right patient and implementing it at the right time. This essay will delve deeper into the case of Rob Geis, a patient who was suffering from angina, given his history and the signs and symptoms he experienced up to the time when his condition worsened to Myocardial Infarction. This essay will also look into …show more content…
Geis. Subjective data would include asking him what he was doing when the chest pain started, the quality of the pain, what parts of the body it is radiating, how severe it is and the time when the pain occurred and how long (Lewis et al., 2012). Second, ask for the past medical history noting his allergies, and previous illness and if there are any medications that he is currently taking. Third, ask about his family history taking into consideration their religious beliefs. Fourth, ask about his diet, lifestyle, exercise and his social history to map out a nursing plan from admission until his discharge. Meanwhile, objective data includes check baseline observations which include blood pressure, heart rate and peripheral pulses, respirations, neurological status, oxygen saturation rate. Secondly, take baseline ECG to check the heart’s electrical activity to note if there is an improvement or deterioration (WebMD, 2012). Thirdly, chest x-ray should be done to visualize the heart and lungs if there is any abnormality. Moreover, take his weight and do the physical examination from head to toe should also be included. The information from his General Practitioner will also give pertinent information about the history of his illness. On the other hand, other helpful tools for assessing Mr. Geis are diagnostic tests which include a Troponin test to determine if chest pain is due to
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