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Unit 10 Caring for children & young people P1-There are many different reasons why children and young people may need to be looked after which are unforeseen, unexpected and planned situations. Common reasons could involve family related issues including: family breakdown, bereavement, loss of parent, illness or incapacity of a parent such as: hospitalisation, substance misuse or mental health needs, which means there is no one else to provide care. A Child or young person are suspected or actually being maltreated. Children and young person related: health issues, behavioural problems, disability, learning difficulties or rejection by parent as a result of a new partner or because of the child or young person’s behaviour. The child or…show more content…
Therefore, the parent/s who abuse alcohol, solvents and/or prescription and/or recreational drugs won't have the ability to fully meet their child/children's needs, so they will need to be taken from the situation and placed into care. Most children will be able to return to home if the parent/s are no longer users. Otherwise the child/children will stay in care. Maltreatment/abuse- Maltreatment and abuse are an act of cruel or inhumane treatment, within the family, outside of family, in a care setting or by a stranger. It is when a person puts someone in harms way or inflicts pain on someone: physically, emotionally, intellectually or sexually. Physically a child could be harmed by: beatings, burning, scalding, poisoning, starvation or any other physical way of hurting or injuring a child. A child could be neglected by not receiving their essential needs such as: food, water, shelter, warmth and protection. Emotionally a child could receive ill treatment by someone telling them unpleasant things such as: saying they are inadequate, worthless and unloved; humiliation and criticism can also emotionally harm a child; treating a child differently to other children; not interacting with a child etc. The child will need to be taken away from this situation and placed into care either permanently or temporarily until the parent/s are seen fit for care of the child. Intellectually a

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