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Caritas Veritas Reflection Essay Caritas Veritas Symposium “Describe an argument,” Professor Jennifer Dunn asked of her audience as a way to open up her discussion, Taking a Stand. This was the first Caritas Veritas symposium I had attended on September 24th, which took place in the lower level Crown Library. There were about 15 people in the audience, and almost everyone had an input in describing an argument, using words such as “anger” and “tense.” According to Professor Dunn, all of the answers given to her question were wrong. An argument done right should not be so controversial, but a mature debate. To know how to argue correctly is to be able to grasp, research, explain, and most importantly defend in a much better manner.…show more content…
To know how to put your thoughts and reasons out there helps you learn, communicate, and overall build a stronger person. I feel that if I achieve how to argue, I’ll have a higher chance at success. Also, when she mentioned to always practice, I felt it was a little silly at first but then she made me consider my speech skills. I am terrible when it comes to speaking in front of many people. I can always have the right words in the right order in my head, but when they come out they’re all over the place. So I definitely need to practice my speaking. The second symposium, “Illegal Immigrant” versus “Undocumented Immigrant:” Which term is better, was a great way of demonstrating how an argument should be done. Also, they debated over a real life common controversy in this country. The United States is a very diverse nation, and the audience was diverse as well so I can assume that many already had a sense over this issue. If not, then this debate was good for them to hear; Americans should be well aware of this controversy. I wish I could have asked Professor Dunn for advice on how to overcome the pressure of social acceptance while trying to take a stand. There is always someone who wants to ridicule what you believe, and that can be hard to ignore; especially for someone like myself. A lot of the times I know where I stand, but I do feel weakened when someone is trying to prove me wrong or bring me down. As

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