Carl Bernstein And Bob Woodward

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Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward were dedicated young reporters at the time Watergate occurred. There dogged pursuit for the truth kept the story from falling into obscurity. Woodward was a relatively new reporter at the time, a Yale graduate, and a Navy veteran. Bernstein dropped out of college and he started working in the newspaper industry at the age of sixteen. By age nineteen, he was a full-time reporter for the Washington Star. Although they were young, and Woodward had not even been a Post reporter for a year, they were dedicated and tenacious. Without Bernstein and Woodward 's efforts, the entire truth may have never been revealed. Their actions during the scandal and their subsequent book has helped Americans see the reality of the Nixon administration. At the beginning of the scandal Bernstein and Woodward were 28 and 29, respectively. Bernstein and Woodward were not partners. Bernstein looked as if he belonged to the Counterculture, while Woodward had "Establishment credentials."1 They appeared to be complete opposites and did not get along very well, but over the course of their investigations, they realized they could work well together. They became involved in the Watergate investigation when they received a call. The call came from Alfred E. Lewis, a veteran of the police force, who moonlighted as an informant for the Post. Soon after the burglars were arrested, it became clear that it was more than just a simple break-in. Despite the mystery that
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