Carl Icahn : A Entrepreneur

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Stephanie David 11/28/15 Carl Icahn Carl Icahn is a financier, entrepreneur, and airline executive who was born in Queens, New York on February 16, 1936. Initially, Icahn wanted to become an opera singer. That, however, turned into receiving a philosophy degree from Princeton University in 1957. He then attended medical school but dropped out three years later to learn the broker’s trade on Wall Street. In 1968, after learning the broker’s trade, Icahn established his own firm. Icahn & Co. was the beginning of his corporate raids. Beginning in the 1980’s, Icahn and his partners started to become enriched by taking over companies. While doing this, Icahn supposedly made money for ordinary stockholders as well. Also in the 1980’s, Carl…show more content…
According to one of Icahn’s close friends, Icahn is a very competitive person and he is very good at terrorizing people as well as wearing down their defenses by doing so. Icahn’s way of earning money is eyeing up companies whose stock prices are trading below value and then targets them when the market is on a downtrend. By targeting companies when the market is on a downtrend always him to accumulate more stock. More stock is accumulated because when everyone is selling their stocks, he is purchasing them. Once he purchases the stock, he obtains enough of an ownership in the company to land himself a spot on the board of directors. Icahn’s first move when gaining a spot on the board of directors is to demand getting rid of the CEO. Oftentimes, he even considers breaking up the company into different sections and selling them off separately. Since Icahn is viewed so highly, many people begin to invest in the said company he partially owns. It doesn’t matter whether Icahn is successful or not, he is still left with healthy stock gains. What does it mean to be ethical? Being ethical refers to doing the right thing. However, everyone has different morals in which determines what they deem being ethical. Ethics also vary from business to business. Acting in an ethical manner typically means that you respect yourself as well as others, especially in the business world. In the business world being ethical is vital. You want to have a good image for company without
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