Carl Jung Collective Unconscious Analysis

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Carl Jung’s theory of the collective unconscious goes to explain how certain symbols, pictures, and memories from ancestors are instilled in the people of today. Examples of the collective unconscious would be developed within the four main archetypes. These archetypes are the persona, the anima/ animus, the shadow, and the self. The persona is also called the mask. This archetype displays how the world sees a person. One can choose how they carry themselves on the outside yet think completely different on the inside. This is what will be judged by the world, is your persona or your mask. The anima/ animus is the thought that each sex has tendencies of the other. Therefore, a woman has some masculine aspects and a man has certain feminine…show more content…
Also, I just recently reached out to the athletic trainer at Florida State University, where I am hoping to attend, to see if there would be any possibility for me to observe with her as a student athletic trainer as well. Both professional athletic trainers have been impressed with my compassion and determination for this field of work at my young age and continue to help me with more opportunities to learn about this career path before I enter college. My persona has not only been effective for the opportunities I have received, but it has also brought along lifelong friends. I am always caring for my friends and their needs before my own. When I meet new people, I want them to know instantly that I care for them. Simply showing people that I care for them and being compassionate is what has given me the friends I have today. One’s persona, their act in society, is important because it is the key point of what opportunities one will receive and the friends one will have. Next, the shadow is known as the dark side of a person. It is one’s hidden secrets, fears, and insecurities. One fear that consumed me for most of my life was the fear of disappointing others. I used to do everything in my power to make sure others were content because I could not live with the fact that I could possibly be one reason someone was disappointed. I was bullied for many years in school when I was younger. I felt the reason why people bullied

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