Carl Jung; Theories of Personality

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Final Paper - Jung
Theories of Personality

In this paper I will show some of Jung’s back ground, his theory, and speak of his contribution to the world of psychology. His contribution was a great one, and it was said that many of his theories were more complicated than many of the other psychologists of his time. As I read about him, I began to appreciate his passion for this subject.
There were a few reasons that I chose him. First, I think it’s amazing his contribution to figuring out, ”personality types.” Second, I find it interesting that he was spiritual, and incorporated some of that spirituality to his theories. He was one of the theorists that took an approach to the
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Personality Psychology helps an individual to define their human nature, and how that nature is different from other people, but in various similar situations. For example, based on
Jung’s theory of personality, an introvert may be shy, compared to an extrovert, when placed in a social setting. Personality Psychology also might help a person to have a strong sense of oneself, may assist them in understanding why they cope certain ways, or react to particular things that happen. A therapist knowing this psychology can also shed light to their clients when helping them to cope with life. According to Jung’s theory, we all have some introversion, and some extroversion, but are primarily one or the other. This is where people are similar. Human beings are like each other because of our ability to have set backs, fears, failure, and have emotions that come from within, when we experience hardship in life. Whether we react in an introverted way (inward thought), versus extroverted (outward thought), is imperative and shows our similarity as well. That we must all go through some form of process mentally, as a coping mechanism, when things happen to us, or around us. Jung’s theory on the Persona, anima, animus, shadow, and the self(Ashford, 2011), can differentiate us as human beings.
Upon reading about the Shadow, it reminded me of the darker side of us. The part of people that is mysterious, or thinks bad
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