Carl Jung 's Theory Of Personality And Psychological Types

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In the 1920’s, a Swiss psychologist named Carl Jung devised a theory. Jung didn’t accept the idea that the behaviors of people were random. Instead, he was a firm believer that the differences between individuals were a result of how people use their brains. Jung claimed that “what appears to be random behavior is actually the result of differences in the way people prefer to use their mental capacities.” (The Myers & Briggs Foundation). Jung realized that people typically function in one of two ways, take in information or make decisions, and that people usually are more comfortable alone or around others. With all these observations, Jung wrote a book titled Psychological Types, which introduced the idea of personality and psychological…show more content…
Introverts are people who spend time thinking and reflecting before they act. Their motivation is internal, which might end up closing them off from the world around them. Introverts usually prefer one-to-one relationships, and only express intimacy with a few family members or close friends. Introverts also love doing activities that allow them to be put in an organizational position. Occasionally, introverts will shut down and close off from all of those around them. Personally, I believe that is a completely accurate description of myself. I also plan out my days ahead of time, and I love being able to put things together. While I sometimes I think that it is a negative thing, I do tend to close off from my circle, which happens to be very small. If I do get to meet my goal of being a teacher, my introversion definitely yields to potential for problems. Getting out of my shell would be a challenge, without a doubt. That being said, my introversion is mostly geared towards others my age. I am usually very comfortable around people that are older or younger than I am, which makes me believe I would probably be okay. Other than having to overcome the challenge of opening up, being an introvert does have upsides, such as having an urge to get things done. The next part of my INFJ combination is that I am intuitive. Being intuitive means that I able to feel things that seem true by a feeling that is similar to instinct. The intuitive brain wants to be able to

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